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Why is good credit so important?
21 Nov
Why Is Good Credit so Important?

A good credit score isn’t just important for major purchases like buying your first home or a new car, it affects more than one would think....

How Fast Can I Build My Credit Score
15 Nov
How Fast Can You Raise Your Credit Score?

It all depends on your current situation but even raising your number into the "Good" range can open up a whole lot of doors that are likely closed to you at the moment....

Build Credit Paying Rent
03 Aug
How to Build Credit by Paying Rent

Homeowners have it easy; mortgage loans are always included in your credit report. But can you build credit by paying rent as well? Before we get into how you can build credit by paying rent, let’s look at how exactly paying rent would affect your...

What is the best credit score?
28 Jul
What is the Best Credit Score?

In this article, we explain why your credit score matters, credit score basics, what is the best credit score, and how to build and check your credit score. ...

Unusual Ways to Build Credit
14 Jul
13 Unusual Ways to Build Credit

Having an excellent (or good) credit score can mean a world of difference when it comes to obtaining proper housing, auto loans, mortgages, and reasonable student loan repayment plans. The better your credit score, the better your chances of saving in both interest rates and...