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Lenny - Build Your Credit Score the Easy Way
Start building or improving your credit score today! Borrow as little as $100 and up to $10,000 at rates as low as 4.9% APR. Lenny uses bank-grade security systems and data encryption to protect your financial information.
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Build your credit score the easy way

Borrow Funds Instantly at Low Interest Rates

Download Lenny and check your rate

Checking your rate does not affect your credit score.

$100 – $10,000

Rates starting at 4% APR

3-4 year terms

No prepayment penalty

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People love Lenny

Lenny Reviews - Lindsey M.
I’ve been so impressed with the whole Lenny experience. I was able to get a credit line super fast, and I’m finally making progress on building my credit history. Lenny is a great solution to a growing problem.

— Lindsey M.

Devin Fuller
I am so happy that I found Lenny. I wanted to send money to some of my friends for paying for some of my meals but I did not have money for it at the time. Lenny gave me the opportunity to pay them back right away and then I paid back Lenny when I had the money. It was a great deal for me!

— Devin Fuller


Cash out instantly to your bank account or
pay back your friends

Get the App

Get balance increases of up to
$1000 every quarter

Student special: Get balance increases of up to $300 every semester

Get the App

Lenny is changing the way
millennials access and build credit

Build Credit

Make on-time payments and
grow your credit score

Instant Access to Funds

Lines of credit ranging from
$100 – $10,000

Low Interest Rates

Interest rates starting at
4% APR

We do all the work,
you get all the credit.

Learn more about credit scores

How It Works



Download the app on
your iOS device



Sign up and check your rate



Access funds and build credit

No hidden fees

Helping millennials build credit is our mission.